Wylam and Ovingham – 10th February 2019

WylamOvingham - Wylam_10022019J-22.jpg

We all met up in Wylam. This was only a small group, so we promptly did a warm up and were on our way. The weather was remarkable for a February day, sunny and relatively warm, especially in the sun.

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Howick Hall Gardens – 17th February 2019

Howick - Howick_17022019J-16.jpg

This was an unusual walk as we started with a guided tour of the gardens with Peter, a volunteer at Howick Hall Gardens.  Peter was incredibly knowledgeable about the trees within the gardens, explaining how they are labelled, where they come from and who has collected the seeds.  We walked through the sensory garden, provided by the Autism Society and around the blankets of snowdrops.

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Learn to Nordic Walk at Wallington – 9th February 2019

Wallington-LearnToNordicWalk - WallingtonTraining_09022019-16.jpg

This was the first “Learn to Nordic Walk at Wallington”. So, it was not only a learning experience for the walkers but for us too. We met everyone in the Visitors Centre and introduced ourselves to them. It turned out that one of the ladies was Polish, giving another meaning to Strolls With Poles. We gathered their details before giving them a little instruction on how to attach themselves to the poles and explaining the origin of Nordic walking.

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Chopwell Woods – 27th January 2019

We arrived at Chopwell Woods early with everyone looking forward to a good day of walking. When everyone arrived, we did the usual warm up before setting off.

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