Bamburgh to Seahouses Walk – 3rd April 2021

04 - Bamburgh-03042021-5
04 - Bamburgh-03042021-21

The Bamburgh to Seahouses (and back of course) Walk is one of our regular ones. It does vary a little, depending on the tides, but whichever way we go it is great. The fish and chips at Seahouses only makes it better.

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Pilgrim’s Causeway Sunset Walk – 11th October 2020

PrilgrimsCausewaySunset - PilgrimsCausewaySunset_11102020-1
Pilgrim's Causeway Sunset Walk PrilgrimsCausewaySunset - PilgrimsCausewaySunset_11102020-2

Pilgrim’s Causeway Sunset Walk is a twist on our traditional and popular Pilgrim’s Causeway walk. We were hoping to capture the sunset, as we returned back to Beal.

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Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap – 26th September 2020

SycamoreGap-CragLough - SycamoreGapCragLoughRecce_31082020M-4
Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap CragLoughSycamoreGap - CragLoughSycamorGap_26092020-7

The Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap walk was put together to allow everyone to see Sycamore Gap from a different perspective.

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Why try Nordic Walking?

Learn to Nordic Walk - GettingBackToNordic-Cresswell - GettingBackToNordic-Cresswell_27062020M-2 Getting back to nordic walking

You might ask “Why try Nordic Walking?”. Well, why not? It is a great all over workout and as it is not generally a high intensity sport (unless you want it to be) it is ideal for everyone. There are also so many benefits.

Why try Nordic Walking LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020R-7
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Nordic Walking and the UK Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines

Crimdon Dene - CrimdonDene_05092020M-16

The UK Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines describes the benefits of different activities and they now include Nordic Walking.

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Crimdon Dene – 5th September 2020

CrimdonDene - CrimdonDene_05092020M-21-FB
Crimdon Dene CrimdonDene - CrimdonDene_05092020M-16

Crimdon Dene is a new walk, suggested by one of our walkers. It is one of the longest walks that we have done, but takes in some of the best bits of County Durham.

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Low Newton and Beadnell – 22 August 2020

LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020M-15-FB
Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020R-4

Low Newton and Beadnell is one of the best beach walks in Northumberland. Low Newton-by-the-Sea is a gorgeous little old traditional fishing village. It’s a great starting point for a walk up the coast and the coast here is stunning. Beadnell Bay is amazing and probably very underrated. So much so that we needed to have a walk here.

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Around Rothbury – 8th August 2020

AroundRothbury - AroundRothbury_08082020M-22-FB
AroundRothbury - AroundRothbury_08082020M-37 Around Rothbury

We’ve been walking in the Rothbury area for many years. It is beautiful and, even very close to Rothbury, there are plenty of very varied routes. So, for this one, we tried to take the best of all the routes, but avoiding the most challenging paths.

I think we achieved that, and the weather just added to the joy of the walk. Everything was perfect.

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Walking post COVID-19

We are looking at walking post Covid-19. During the Covid-19 pandemic we put our programme on hold.  This was a difficult time for us as well as for our wonderful group of walkers, the Nordic Nuts.

I have kept in touch with as many of the group as possible, during this time.  It has been great to hear of some of you getting out walking. I am also aware of those who haven’t had a chance to get out, have been shielding or are key workers and have found it difficult to find the energy to get out and about.

I have contacted our newsletter subscribers and our regular walkers and they were interested in starting the walks again.

We are therefore holding our Getting back to Nordic Walking beach walk on Saturday 27 June 2020 at Cresswell Beach. 

Cresswell Beach is ideal for our first walk and will allow us plenty of room to follow the government’s social distancing guidelines

Your safety is paramount to us.  Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know what to expect, if you are able to join us.

Firstly, there will be a reminder of technique prior to the walk.  Then, dependent on numbers, we will split into two groups (maximum 5 per group).  I will take those who don’t want to walk far (up to 3 miles).  Martin will lead those walkers who would like to walk a bit further (around 5-6 miles).

We will have anti-bacterial gel available and all our poles and gloves have been cleaned for those of you who borrow them.

We do hope you will be able to join us on Saturday or maybe on one of our future walks, as we start to get back to something like normal.

Julie x

Strolls with Poles – Nordic Walking for Fun and Fitness

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Looking Back on Pilgrim’s Causeway – 2018/2019

Pilgrimscauseway - Pilgrims_causeway_06052018M Looking Back on Pilgrim's Causeway

Looking back on Pilgrim’s Causeway is the sixth in the series of looking back posts. As we’ve done this walk so many times, it was difficult to decide which one to do. So, I’ve decided to try to incorporate the best bits of all of them.

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