Strolls with Poles – Coronavirus November lockdown

Cresswell - CresswellBeach_12012020M-2 Strolls With Poles Coronavirus
Cresswell - CresswellBeach_12012020M-2
Strolls With Poles Coronavirus

As everyone is aware the Government have announced a November lockdown from 5 November.

Sadly we have cancelled all walks and training sessions in November and hope to be out and about in December, in time for our Christmas walk.

We will of course, be keeping you up to date with any developments.

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Walking post COVID-19 – Update

As you will be aware as at 18th September 2020 the North East has come under local restrictions. We therefore thought it would be useful to provide a “Walking post COVID-19 – Update” to you all.

Walking post COVID-19
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Why do people pay to walk with Strolls with Poles?

Crimdon Dene - CrimdonDene_05092020M-16
Why do people pay to walk HolyIslandFriday - HolyIsland_17072020-RC-6

Why do people pay to walk with Strolls With Poles? Good question. We are often asked “why should I pay to walk with Strolls with Poles”, when I can go for a walk on my own?

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Wall and Heavenfield – 29 August 2020

Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-30-FB
Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-28

The Wall and Heavenfield is a short walk but so varied and beautiful. It is one of Julie’s favourite shorter walks.

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Bolam Lake and Shaftoe Crags – 15 August 2020

BolamAndShaftoeCrags - BolamAndShaftoeCrags_15082020C-8-FB

The Bolam Lake and Shaftoe Crags walk is a favourite of Julie as it takes in so many different areas and views.

Bolam Lake and Shaftoe Crags BolamAndShaftoeCrags - BolamAndShaftoeCrags_15082020C-8
Group photo by Bolam Lake
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Virtual Kiltwalk

KiltWalk - Kiltwalk2019C-5-FB
KiltWalk - Kiltwalk2019C-4

Chris, Ruth, Julie, Claire, Tessa and Chris are taking part in the Virtual Kiltwalk on Saturday 12 September to raise monies for Cancer Research UK.

The Virtual Kiltwalkers will be walking from Craster to Lesbury and yes they will be wearing kilts!

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Hulne Park – 1st August 2020

HulnePark - HulnePark_01082020M-6
HulnePark - HulnePark_01082020M-27 Hulne Park

Hulne Park was once the Percy family’s walled hunting ground and hunting still takes place today. 

We welcomed two new walkers, Claire and Brian and welcomed back Annabelle.

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Holy Island – 18 July 2020

HolyIslandSaturday - HolyIsland_18072020_FB
HolyIslandSaturday - HolyIsland_18072020M-3 Holy Island 18th July

The Holy Island walk on the 18th July is the second walk around Holy Island this weekend. This time, we had a larger, but still great, group of walkers.

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Holy Island – 17 July 2020

HolyIslandFriday - HolyIsland_17072020-RC_FB Holy Island 17th July
HolyIslandFriday - HolyIsland_17072020-RC-6 Holy Island 17th July

The Holy Island walk on 17th July is the first of two walks around Holy Island on the same weekend. We had a small but great group of walkers for this Friday excursion.

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The Wannie Line – 11 July 2020

WannieLine - WannieLine_11072020M-5-FB
WannieLine - WannieLine_11072020M-4 Wannie Line

The Wannie Line or what was once the Wansbeck Railway is a great walk.  It is situated in the Wallington Estate and is mostly made up of permissive path, provided by Wallington.

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