Learn to Nordic Walk at Wallington – 9th June 2019

Wallington - Wallington_09062019-3.jpg
Stepping stones

This was our fifth Learn to Nordic Walk session at Wallington. As usual, we all met up in the Visitors Centre and started from there. Paperwork was completed and poles measured and handed out, we set off for the courtyard.

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Morpeth to Bothal Walk – 8th June 2019

Morpeth_Bothal - Morpeth_Bothal_08062019M-2.jpg

We were wondering whether or not the Morpeth to Bothal walk would go ahead. It had been a very wet night and some were doubtful about the weather conditions for the walk. However, the Met Office forecast said that the rain would ease. So, it was on.

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Which Nordic Walking poles should I buy?

 LEKI Lenhart GmbH  
Tech - LEKI_nordicwalking_©ClaudiaZiegler2016_1-Custom.jpg
LEKI Lenhart GmbH

Many people ask us “which Nordic Walking poles should I buy?”. This is a difficult question to answer, as there are so many factors that should influence a purchase. There are also many manufacturers of Nordic Walking poles. Our current preference is Leki, mainly because we like the gloves and glove attachment as well as the pole adjustment mechanism.

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Walk programme for Summer/Autumn 2019

We are busy putting the rest of our walks for 2019 onto the website.  However, we thought it would be useful to let you know dates and the names of the walks we have planned.  The link below will allow you to download the programme, as it stands. Further details will be added to the website as soon as we have them.

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Grasmere Gallop – 1st June 2019

Grasmere Gallop 2019 was the third Grasmere Gallop for several of us and we were looking forward to it. Most of us had come over to the Lakes on Friday, so that we could get a good nights rest and be fresh for the morning.

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Nordic Walking at Clara Vale – 26th May 2019

Clara_Vale_2 - Clara_Vale_2_26052019M.jpg
The Clara Vale Group

Clara Vale is a small village close to Crawcrook.  It used to be a pit village but the coal mine was demolished long ago. However, the community is still thriving. This is the second Nordic Walking training session that we have taught here, at Clara Vale Village Hall.

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Crammel Linn Walk – 25th May 2019

We arrived in Gilsland bright and early, ready for the Crammel Linn walk. First things first, Julie, Martin and Anne went directly to the House of Meg cafe for breakfast. The bacon sandwich was excellent and perfect fuel for a walk.

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Sutton Bank Recce – 19th May 2019

To round off the International Nordic walking day weekend we decided to take a look at the Sutton Bank walk. Anyone who has been to North Yorkshire is likely to be aware of Sutton Bank. Maybe even have memories of the car struggling up the steep road. The lake around Sutton Bank offers much more than you would normally see from the road.

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Happy Valley – 18th May 2019

Happy_Valley - Happy_Valley_18052019M-2.jpg
The group shot

Here we were at the Carey Burn Bridge. The start of the Happy Valley Walk. We were welcoming Matt and Garry on their first Strolls With Poles walk, after attending a training session, at Wallington recently. It was also great to see Ally again.

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Haltwhistle and Lambley Recce – 13th May 2019

It was a nice day and I fancied a long walk. We had an idea for a walk from Haltwhistle and one of the many books, that we have, had this one in it. It is a circular walk from Haltwhistle and of a reasonable length. So, it was perfect for a day walk.

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