While we can’t get out

WalkColdingham - St_Abbs_Walk_30042018-3.jpg While we can't get out
RVS-Alnmouth - RVS-Alnmoputh_Nov19_Adj-5 we cant get out

While we can’t get out, we thought we could look back on some of the days out we’ve had and look forward to doing it again soon. Hopefully it will at least fill in a few minutes and help us encourage a positive feeling about the future.

We can’t figure out exactly how many walks we’ve been out on but it’s been a lot. Well over 150 now we think. So, plenty to choose from and we have plenty of photos too, which we will be including in the posts.

If you have any particular requests then just let us know and we will try to accommodate it. We are sure you all have your favourites.

The first walk we are choosing is the first one as Strolls With Poles. This was Warkworth to Amble on the 6th January 2018. This was a lovely day out and had the characteristic change of plan half way through.

The second walk we are looking back on is Coldingham and St Abbs April 2018. This was our only walk wholly in Scotland and it was a popular one.

We will try to put one out every few days. So, while we can’t get out, keep an eye out for new posts as they appear. We hope that you enjoy them.

Julie and Martin

If you fancy planning a walk while you’re staying in, try looking here for tips and tools.

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Strolls with Poles – Nordic Walking for Fun and Fitness

Strolls with Poles Coronavirus Update

This is an update to our previous post regarding the current situation.

All British Nordic Walking affiliated walking organisations have been asked to consider suspending group classes. Also, given the current heightened level of precautions, that we are all being asked to take, to reduce the impact of Coronavirus we have taken the difficult decision to suspend our walks until further notice. We will continue to keep abreast of the situation and will aim to reinstate our walks as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we would love to hear what you are doing to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. If you can take a photo especially with your poles we’d love to see them. We are sure that everyone will be keen to see you all still getting out.

Thank you for your continued support, stay safe and hopefully see you soon.

Julie & Martin x

Wallington Events Cancellation

Wallington-LearnToNordicWalk - WallingtonTraining_09022019-9.jpg Strolls With Poles Wallington cancellation

Owing to the current situation with Coronavirus and CoViD19 and the guidance issued by the Government, National Trust has decided to close its houses, shops and cafes. We entirely understand and support this decision. However, as we run training sessions and walks at this property, it will impact these.

Unfortunately, we need to cancel the following training sessions and walks at NT Wallington.

Our events at Wallington after May are still on. However, this might change. Please, watch out for updates and thank you for your understanding.

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Strolls with Poles – Nordic Walking for Fun and Fitness

Strolls with Poles – Coronavirus

Cresswell - CresswellBeach_12012020M-2
Strolls With Poles - Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus and the associated disease COVID19 at the front of everyones mind, you might be asking if Strolls with Poles are still going ahead with our walks. The advice from government is to practice social distancing, after all.

Nevertheless, getting outdoors can have huge benefits, both physically and mentally. Walking outdoors is encouraged in the current guidance, as long as you can keep a short distance from other people.

So, we will be continuing with our walk schedule for the time being. However, we will encourage everyone to take measures like handwashing and using hand sanitiser, as well as reducing contact with each other.

Obviously, if you think you have symptoms, please follow the current advice.

It is likely that the advice will change on a daily basis for the foreseeable future. We will continue to listen to advice and adapt what we do.

Strolls With Poles Community

As anyone that has walked with us before will know, we are a friendly bunch. As a result, we have walking friends all over the region, many of whom are happy to help if required. So, if you’re isolating or just plain bored of it all, please do ask and we’ll try to arrange something.

Temporary changes to cancellation policy

Until further notice, if you have made a booking and decide to cancel for reasons associated with coronavirus or COVID19, please contact us to request a credit or refund.

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Strolls with Poles – Nordic Walking for Fun and Fitness

Our Walks

We hold many different types of walks/sessions and this blog will inform you as to the differences.

Descriptions of our walks

Training Sessions

Wallington-LearnToNordicWalk - WallingtonTraining_09022019-9.jpg Our walks

We hold monthly training sessions in partnership with NT Wallington. These sessions are ideal for those who have never Nordic walked before or who would like to revisit their technique from the beginning.

Training is provided by Julie, the owner of Strolls With Poles.  Julie has been Nordic Walking since 2005 and has been a Nordic Walking Instructor since 2012, so you are in good hands.

The training session includes:

  • Provided with a set of poles (properly set up according to your height);
  • A short introduction about Nordic walking, its benefits and it’s origin;
  • Instruction for beginners using the INWA 10 Step Method ™;
  • A 2 mile walk in  the grounds of Wallington Hall;
  • A cool down/stretching session and
  • Access to Wallington for the rest of your visit.

Beginners to Nordic Walking often have questions about it, so we have tried to answer some of the typical questions that people ask.  You can find these in the “FAQ” section, so why not take a look.

Short walks

Wylam - DSC_1610 Our walks

Ideal for those who are new to Nordic Walking but want to build up their distance.

These walks start from 2 miles up to 4 miles. They are flat and an ideal place to get some extra pointers on technique.

Fitness walks

WarkworthAlnmouth_19102019M-6 Our walks

New to 2020 we are holding fitness walks which will be walks where speed and technique are the key.

The walks will be an hour long and will be walked at more than 4 miles an hour. We will be looking at technique to enable you to get the most out of Nordic Walking.

Interest walks

ThruntonWood2 - ThruntonWood_18082018M-1 Our walks

These are our usual walks which involve us visiting many of the beautiful areas of the North East. They are 5+ miles long and are walked at your own pace. These are generally all day events.


To help us to improve your technique we will be using video. It is an excellent way to identify any teaching points to help you. Don’t worry though the only people who will look at these will be me, Martin and you.

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Strolls with Poles – Nordic Walking for Fun and Fitness

The Christmas Walk – 7th December 2019

ChristmasWalk - ChristmasWalk_07122019J-7-Website
Us at the tree

The Christmas walk is a very special walk for us for a few reasons. The first and most important one for us is that it marks the anniversary of the first Strolls with Poles walk in 2017. If we look back at the photographs from the 3 walks we can see a lot of the same faces, most we see regularly during the year however there are a few we don’t see as often as well as those who are new to Strolls with Poles. Everyone regardless of the frequency of them joining us are always assured of a warm and friendly welcome.

The second reason is that it is “usually” our last walk of the year (this year we had an extra one in December). Regardless, this is a great time for us to thank everyone for their support throughout the year.

The third reason is that it is one of the few walks that is repeated every year. As such it is known as our Annual Christmas Walk. The walk always takes us up to the Christmas Tree on Simonside.

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First Time For Everything – 19th November 2019

RVS-Alnmouth - RVS-Alnmoputh_Nov19_Adj-5

We had been contacted by Louise at the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) to provide a training session for the over 55s, as part of the First Time For Everything project which is funded by Prudential. Obviously, we obliged and suggested Alnmouth as the place to conduct the training.

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Allen Banks and Staward Gorge – 13th October 2019

AllenbanksStawardGorge - Allenbanks_13102019M-13
Us in a little shelter high on the banks of the River Aln

Arriving early for the Allen Banks and Staward Gorge walk, we knew it was likely to be a wet day. However, for the moment, the rain was holding off.

We welcomed Jane for her first walk with Strolls with Poles and Julie gave her tuition on the technique before we took advantage of the weather and quickly did our warm up before setting off.

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Barnard Castle & Teesdale Way – 5th October 2019

BarnardCastle - BarnardCastle_05102019M-9 Barnard Castle & Teesdale Way
Us on a bridge over the River Greta

When we checked out this walk from Barnard Castle and along the Teesdale Way back in April, we knew that it had to go onto the programme. It was lovely and varied but never straying too far from the River Tees. It also had the bonus of allowing us to visit Egglestone Abbey on the way back.

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November 2019 Newsletter

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I hope you enjoy reading it.  If you would like it delivered direct to your inbox please sign up on the website.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Julie x

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