Why try Nordic Walking?

Learn to Nordic Walk - GettingBackToNordic-Cresswell - GettingBackToNordic-Cresswell_27062020M-2 Getting back to nordic walking

You might ask “Why try Nordic Walking?”. Well, why not? It is a great all over workout and as it is not generally a high intensity sport (unless you want it to be) it is ideal for everyone. There are also so many benefits.

Why try Nordic Walking LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020R-7
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Nordic Walking and the UK Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines

Crimdon Dene - CrimdonDene_05092020M-16

The UK Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines describes the benefits of different activities and they now include Nordic Walking.

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Crimdon Dene – 5th September 2020

CrimdonDene - CrimdonDene_05092020M-21-FB
Crimdon Dene CrimdonDene - CrimdonDene_05092020M-16

Crimdon Dene is a new walk, suggested by one of our walkers. It is one of the longest walks that we have done, but takes in some of the best bits of County Durham.

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Wall and Heavenfield – 29 August 2020

Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-30-FB
Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-28

The Wall and Heavenfield is a short walk but so varied and beautiful. It is one of Julie’s favourite shorter walks.

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Low Newton and Beadnell – 22 August 2020

LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020M-15-FB
Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020R-4

Low Newton and Beadnell is one of the best beach walks in Northumberland. Low Newton-by-the-Sea is a gorgeous little old traditional fishing village. It’s a great starting point for a walk up the coast and the coast here is stunning. Beadnell Bay is amazing and probably very underrated. So much so that we needed to have a walk here.

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Bolam Lake and Shaftoe Crags – 15 August 2020

BolamAndShaftoeCrags - BolamAndShaftoeCrags_15082020C-8-FB

The Bolam Lake and Shaftoe Crags walk is a favourite of Julie as it takes in so many different areas and views.

Bolam Lake and Shaftoe Crags BolamAndShaftoeCrags - BolamAndShaftoeCrags_15082020C-8
Group photo by Bolam Lake
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Around Rothbury – 8th August 2020

AroundRothbury - AroundRothbury_08082020M-22-FB
AroundRothbury - AroundRothbury_08082020M-37 Around Rothbury

We’ve been walking in the Rothbury area for many years. It is beautiful and, even very close to Rothbury, there are plenty of very varied routes. So, for this one, we tried to take the best of all the routes, but avoiding the most challenging paths.

I think we achieved that, and the weather just added to the joy of the walk. Everything was perfect.

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Virtual Kiltwalk

KiltWalk - Kiltwalk2019C-5-FB
KiltWalk - Kiltwalk2019C-4

Chris, Ruth, Julie, Claire, Tessa and Chris are taking part in the Virtual Kiltwalk on Saturday 12 September to raise monies for Cancer Research UK.

The Virtual Kiltwalkers will be walking from Craster to Lesbury and yes they will be wearing kilts!

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Hulne Park – 1st August 2020

HulnePark - HulnePark_01082020M-6
HulnePark - HulnePark_01082020M-27 Hulne Park

Hulne Park was once the Percy family’s walled hunting ground and hunting still takes place today. 

We welcomed two new walkers, Claire and Brian and welcomed back Annabelle.

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Holy Island – 18 July 2020

HolyIslandSaturday - HolyIsland_18072020_FB
HolyIslandSaturday - HolyIsland_18072020M-3 Holy Island 18th July

The Holy Island walk on the 18th July is the second walk around Holy Island this weekend. This time, we had a larger, but still great, group of walkers.

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