Allen Banks – 6th Mar 2022

03 - AllenBanks-06032022M-4 Allen Banks
03 - AllenBanks-06032022M-10 Allen Banks

Allen Banks is one of our favourites as the scenery is always beautiful regardless of the time of year. The variation of a tarn, a wooded valley, a beautiful river and it’s bridges makes a wonderful walk. It’s a great place to visit.

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Souter Lighthouse to South Shields – 20th Feb 2022

SouterShields - SouterShields-20022022M-10
SouterShields - SouterShields-20022022M-3

The walk from Souter Lighthouse to South Shields was a day of two halves. The walk out was better than expected. Sunny with showers but beautiful rainbows and moody skies made the already spectacular coast look even better.

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Bamburgh and Budle Bay – 23rd Jan 2022

BamburghBudle - BamburghBudle-23012022M-8
BamburghBudle - BamburghBudle-23012022M-2

Bamburgh and Budle Bay is a gorgeous walk in one of the less accessible areas of the Northumberland Coast. It has interesting features, history and spectacular views throughout the walk.

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Allen Banks walk – 11th Apr 2021

AllenBanks - AllenBanks17042021-16 Allen Banks Walk
AllenBanks - AllenBanks17042021-10 Allen Banks Walk

The Allen Banks walk is always beautiful and enchanting any time of the year. This time it was April and we were expecting a spring day. However, the weather had other ideas and gave us a winter day. Luckily, this one was a good winter’s day.

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Bamburgh to Seahouses Walk – 3rd April 2021

04 - Bamburgh-03042021-5
04 - Bamburgh-03042021-21

The Bamburgh to Seahouses (and back of course) Walk is one of our regular ones. It does vary a little, depending on the tides, but whichever way we go it is great. The fish and chips at Seahouses only makes it better.

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Pilgrim’s Causeway Sunset Walk – 11th October 2020

PrilgrimsCausewaySunset - PilgrimsCausewaySunset_11102020-1
Pilgrim's Causeway Sunset Walk PrilgrimsCausewaySunset - PilgrimsCausewaySunset_11102020-2

Pilgrim’s Causeway Sunset Walk is a twist on our traditional and popular Pilgrim’s Causeway walk. We were hoping to capture the sunset, as we returned back to Beal.

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Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap – 26th September 2020

SycamoreGap-CragLough - SycamoreGapCragLoughRecce_31082020M-4
Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap CragLoughSycamoreGap - CragLoughSycamorGap_26092020-7

The Crag Lough and Sycamore Gap walk was put together to allow everyone to see Sycamore Gap from a different perspective.

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Crimdon Dene – 5th September 2020

CrimdonDene - CrimdonDene_05092020M-21-FB
Crimdon Dene CrimdonDene - CrimdonDene_05092020M-16

Crimdon Dene is a new walk, suggested by one of our walkers. It is one of the longest walks that we have done, but takes in some of the best bits of County Durham.

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Wall and Heavenfield – 29 August 2020

Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-30-FB
Wall and Heavenfield WallHeavenfield - WallHeavenfield_29082020M-28

The Wall and Heavenfield is a short walk but so varied and beautiful. It is one of Julie’s favourite shorter walks.

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Low Newton and Beadnell – 22 August 2020

LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020M-15-FB
Low Newton and Beadnell LowNewtonBeadnell - LowNewtonBeadnell_22082020R-4

Low Newton and Beadnell is one of the best beach walks in Northumberland. Low Newton-by-the-Sea is a gorgeous little old traditional fishing village. It’s a great starting point for a walk up the coast and the coast here is stunning. Beadnell Bay is amazing and probably very underrated. So much so that we needed to have a walk here.

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