The Wannie Line – 4th August 2019

Wannie_Line - Wannie_Line_04082019J-1.jpg
Group shot

The start for the Wannie Line walk is not easy to find. Martin went out to the road, in front of the former National Trust Regional Office, to make sure everyone knew where the car park was.

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Union Chain Bridge to Berwick – 20th July 2019

Union_Chain_Bridge - Union_Chain_Bridge_Berwick-20.jpg Union Chain Bridge to Berwick
The Union Chain Bridge

The Union Chain Bridge to Berwick walk is one of our longer ones, so we all arrived early, keen to make it back to the Chain Bridge Honey Farm tea room before it closed at 5pm.

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Learn to Nordic Walk at Wallington – 7th July 2019

Wallington_Beginners - Wallington_Learn_To_Nordic_Walk-1.jpg
The compulsory group shot on the stepping stones

As usual, we had a great time teaching another group of lovely people to Learn to Nordic Walk at Wallington. Everyone arrived early, keen to get on with the training.

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Tunstall Reservoir – 30th June 2019

Tunstall_Resevoir - Tunstall_Resevoir_30062019-3.jpeg

The start for Tunstall Reservoir is in Wolsingham. So, we arrived early, only to find Sharon was there already. Along with Sharon, we welcomed several others back.

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Pilgrim’s Causeway – 23rd June 2019

Pilgrims_Causeway - Pilgrims_Causeway_23062019J-1.jpg

The Pilgrim’s Causeway is a bit special for everyone who does it and it’s always popular. For some it is a spiritual walk, for others it’s just fun. Regardless, people are never disappointed.

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Learn to Nordic Walk at Wallington – 9th June 2019

Wallington - Wallington_09062019-3.jpg
Stepping stones

This was our fifth Learn to Nordic Walk session at Wallington. As usual, we all met up in the Visitors Centre and started from there. Paperwork was completed and poles measured and handed out, we set off for the courtyard.

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Morpeth to Bothal Walk – 8th June 2019

Morpeth_Bothal - Morpeth_Bothal_08062019M-2.jpg

We were wondering whether or not the Morpeth to Bothal walk would go ahead. It had been a very wet night and some were doubtful about the weather conditions for the walk. However, the Met Office forecast said that the rain would ease. So, it was on.

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Grasmere Gallop – 1st June 2019

Grasmere Gallop 2019 was the third Grasmere Gallop for several of us and we were looking forward to it. Most of us had come over to the Lakes on Friday, so that we could get a good nights rest and be fresh for the morning.

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Nordic Walking at Clara Vale – 26th May 2019

Clara_Vale_2 - Clara_Vale_2_26052019M.jpg
The Clara Vale Group

Clara Vale is a small village close to Crawcrook.  It used to be a pit village but the coal mine was demolished long ago. However, the community is still thriving. This is the second Nordic Walking training session that we have taught here, at Clara Vale Village Hall.

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