Thrunton Wood and Malham recces

We had decided to take a week off from our weekday jobs this week.  As the weather was forecast to be good we thought it would be a great opportunity to check out some of the upcoming walks and enjoy our holiday to boot. Continue reading “Thrunton Wood and Malham recces”

Weldon and Felton Recce – 9th June 2018

On Saturday we had nothing to do, so decided to go up to Felton and recce thWeldon and Felton walk planned for the 30th June.  A bonus was that we could also check out The Running Fox tea room at Felton  and The Angler’s Arms at Weldon Bridge.  Lunch at The Running Fox first and then off we went. Continue reading “Weldon and Felton Recce – 9th June 2018”

Allenheads Recce – 26th May 2018

Yesterday we went out to Allenheads, one of the highest villages in England, aiming to check out the route for the Allenheads walk on Sunday 17th June.  Allenheads gets it’s name from being the area that is the source or heads of the River East Allen, the main source of the River Allen.  The River Allen is the main focus of another walk later in the year, where we visit Allen Banks, further down river. Continue reading “Allenheads Recce – 26th May 2018”

Bellingham and Hareshaw Linn Recce

Yesterday we went out to check out the walk at Bellingham and Hareshaw Linn.  This walk is scheduled for next Saturday, so we needed to get going.  We haven’t walked here before, so weren’t sure what to expect. Continue reading “Bellingham and Hareshaw Linn Recce”

Coldingham and St Abbs Recce

On Good Friday we went out to recce the Coldingham and St Abbs walk.   As soon as we got there we found that the original starting point, the car park on the harbour, charges £7 per day.  So we moved the start to the Nature Reserve, just outside of the village, which only charges £3 per day. Continue reading “Coldingham and St Abbs Recce”

Shaftoe Crags and Bolam Lake Recce

Shaftoe Crags and Bolam Lake was the next walk to be recce’d and with Martin unavailable, the lovely Anne joined me.

We parked up in one of the car parks which was quiet when we arrived, quick change of shoes and off we set with map (Anne) and GPS (Julie) in our hands. Continue reading “Shaftoe Crags and Bolam Lake Recce”

Blanchland Recce

We are often asked why we recce every walk we do and this is a prime example of why.

Last Saturday we set out to take a look at the Newbiggin and the Carrier’s Way walk, starting from Blanchland.  It was a damp and foggy day, even in Sunderland and it wasn’t any different when we arrived in Blanchland, although the rain had eased off.  Whilst we were driving up there we could also see the remains of the snow drifts cleared from the road. Continue reading “Blanchland Recce”